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video and animation

Egg roll at ANSTELLE VON TISCH, exhibition Rössligasse Lucerne, 2013

Ich kann nicht pfeifen (anstelle von tisch exhibition, 2013)

Ich kann nicht pfeifen (anstelle von tisch exhibition, 2013)

Video abspielen
turn-tablets series
Installations with
Tablet computers, photographs, mixed media
Various dimensions
2013, 2020, 2024



A new generation of electronic devices entered the market, as I was growing up. These gadgets are referred to as „smart“, as they are designed with a high sensory perception. More than any other consumer device before, they are aware of their surroundings. Built-in technology allows them to sense brightness, touch, noise, tilting among others, and to react to the outside circumstances accordingly.

Smart devices took over by storm, and this body of work follows that whirlwind, asking what kind of habits that technology invites. A tablet computer acts as a screen, displaying an image and representing an object. Beyond that, the image can be interacted with: turning and zooming in along the movements of our fingers, as if the displayed object really lies in our hands. A rather subtle, automated animation smoothens the movement, facilitating the core idea of animation – bringing a still image to life.

By placing the devices in a world full of objects, where their physical presence becomes an object itself, the consequences of animation are put into question. As the tablets turn, move, rotate and touch other objects and materials, their multilayered role as an interface between analog and digital, between real and representation, becomes apparent, as a technoplastic sculpture. Perhaps this is only the beginning, but I find myself intrigued by devices which act as an extension of our senses, our body and further, our perception of reality.


Aggregato series, Egg roll and others pieces



Aggregato I - V at JUNGKUNST Winterthur, 2020

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