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»Trapping series«

Kinetic installations & objects
Mixed media

Various dimensions

2018 — present


​„Trapping“ is an archaic operation that goes beyond catching other beings against their will. Because coming up with a convenient trap requires careful observation of the environment and its inhabitants – which are mutually linked by their interactions, needs and curiousness, shaping each other along the way. Not only does a trapper have to know what to trap, but also what not to trap.

​Over time, the methodology of trapping carried on to a variety of practices and engrained itself in our (epistemic) culture and in the view of ourselves, even on our own incarnation. A rather gloomy view: Trapping is depicted as a tool to outsmart others to prevail in the bloody quest for survival, which is life. In my work, I oppose a good trap as a model to reconfigure how we think of trapping and to question its apparent, hierarchic and moral tendencies. Starting with a research about its fundamental aspects, its evolution, its methods, mechanical and psychological features to its application in different contexts. Subsequently, our interactive practices and relations to environments and artifacts become a topic, leading to the question what trapping can or should be.

The trap I imagine for this is a socio-technical apparatus which cares about the trapped. It is hence a tactile spider which traps in a playful way to break the monotony of daily routines. Its web links different objects, places and attitudes to seduce and involve the people, not for the kill, but to help falling in love again.