One enters a room. The door moves, inadvertently touching a stick and causing it to fall. Its momentum is passed onto other bars and materials standing around. Some slide along the wall, some are stopped by a table. They bounce, and some manage to lean on its edge. Another one hits the shelf, taking down the whole tray and every object on it. The final bang which concludes the act. Gazing at the mess, in silence.  














This incident led to a series of experimental setups and happenings, during which they were coined as „Traps“. A mechanism aiming at a specific outcome, presuming situative and ecological thinking. Besides the potential target, any creature and occurrence that could trigger or interfere need to be taken into account, in the context of the environment where the trap is ultimately incorporated. The procedure comprises observation, tracking, luring, deceiving, catching and retaining.

Similar strategies are used all around in our society, on a daily basis. From the sciences, social life to marketing campaigns, the approach of this work is to usher a different kind of trapping opposed to these hierarchic tendencies: A socio-technical apparatus which speaks to the inner worlds of the observer, to how a specific creature sees its Umwelt. The installed setup in place acts as a device to make things visible, to let all of the things tell of their presence.


These traps act as tactile spiders, their webs link objects, places and gestures. By integrating well-rehearsed routines and common structures, they uncover and recontextualize the established surroundings. Joyful as a playground, where tragedy is always looming.  




These works feature ghosts, luring their presence to make them moving things around.


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Excerpts from »Happy Trapping Series«

Kinetic installations, objects, interventions

Mixed media

2018 / ongoing



»Happy Traps (Formidable oppositions, swift balances and sticky situations)«

Video, with sound, 7:24 min