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At many times during the conception phases of artistic work, the use of paper is necessary to sketch, draw studies, make notes, memos, write down ideas, schedules and to use as underlay for material tests.
The papers (most commonly, DIN A4), become maculature and get re-used again and again over time – until they scatter all over the place in the studio and normally, would reach their limit as canvas for idea storage.

These sheets are the floor on which ideas learn to walk — disposing them is a gross undervaluation.

Some of those papers start to become valid documentations of work in progress - they assemble all the bits and bites that cumulatively make up my mind and interest.
To give them a common place and amount of space, I started to bind them together in random order. It quickly turned into a series of books, but despite feeling like a series of diaries, is in fact more like a casual encyclopedia.
The re-combination of different apporaches, both visually and conceptually, creates a unforseeable blending of different ideas and that has become a valid resource and inspiration for my work. The books contain the question of how the studies of a visual researcher and conceptual artist would look like, compared to the classic approach of the sketchbook as a tool to practise drawing techniques in a chronological and progress-based order.


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Respectives / Respektiven

Book series (23 pc.)

Mixed media, Softcover

62 pages, each 20 x 15 cm

2014 — present

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0_books_IMG_0150-61 Respektiven_w.jpg