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Performance in public / Sculpture

Poster, paste, saw, rope

63 x 140 x 13 cm
2012 (Berlin)

berlin book (63 x 140 x 13 cm)

berlin book (63 x 140 x 13 cm)

berlin book (63 x 140 x 13 cm)

berlin book (63 x 140 x 13 cm)

Qualities and potential of the unavoidable – Waste and the city in the age of mass

As part of a practical research for new resources in cities (urban mining), I started to strip down posters from an advertising pillar at Warschauerbrücke in Berlin in 2012.


It is quite remarkable, how many of the properties of the pillar resembled those of a real tree in a forest: Layer upon layer, the „urban tree“ grows in diameter with time. The speed of its growth depends on the environment - on how much paper is assembled during concert season. More culture leads to bigger trees.

If you cut them, the skin is reminiscent of woods, as the paper mainly consists of cellulose and water, while the sticky paste would be the equivalent to resin.

Like a forest engineer who can read the rings of a fallen tree, the layers of posters are telling of the "groove" and circumstances of a certain time and place, so the paper waste can equally be seen either as a resource, or a relic.


For the purpose of narration, as well as testing the longevity of it, it seemed appropriate to bind this first bigger specimen, so it becomes a book-like sculpture, telling future readers from that time.