Get a bevy, pour-it-in, drip drop, bladder pop

The location for things to happen at best
Is the room for rest

Hush, no rush, gently flush

Clean hands, before and after


Prepare for any sort of communication

Soothing to know about every body

The ease with how fluids pass

Much in the way that secrets do


At first, visitors of the location are not informed about the fact that microphones are being installed in the toilet (...) Some activities and collateral noises are audible, their sounds are directly transmitted to a speaker placed inside the gallery's ventilation system.


From there, people in front of the space, visitors as well as passengers, can listen to them. As the restroom is located in the back, the unaware "actors" were not directly visible and remained anonymous - unless they actually want to reveal themselves. Over the course of an evening, people start to realise where these familiar but strange noises derive from, become aware of the installation and thus, the stage. The work is in this stage an invitation to discover, perform and interact with each other by encouraging the audience to lose the fear of their most private noises and thoughts.

installation views at improper walls

Liquid Noise
Sarah Glück & Rafael Lippuner


Directional microphones, speaker

Variable dimensions