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setup compilation (v18)
Video abspielen


Swift balance, formidable opposition and sticky situations
Video compilation featuring Setup and Early Traps series

7:24 min


t-1 still_1-11w2.jpg

Suddenly and omit knocking, a colleague enters the studio. As the door moves, the handle inadvertently touches a stick and causes it to fall. Its momentum is passed onto other bars and sticks which were awkwardly standing there. My bad, I was about to tidy the place up! To late, some bars slide along the wall, just to be stopped on their path by the edge of the table. Bouncing from there, one ends up leaning on a chair, another one hits the shelf, taking down a tray with an abundance of things on it. The act concludes with a paper scroll rolling across the floor, leaving us in awe, gazing at the mess in silence.

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