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all the plunder makes me wonder
Series of photograms
Cyanotype on paper
70 x 50 cm each

Series 1 / emblems : 15 pc., 2021-22
Series 2 / bottles : 15 pc., 2022
Series 3 / cocks : 15 pc., 2022
Series 4 / boobs : 15 pc., 2022

All the plunder makes me wonder (how I keep from getting under) is a series of photograms using the cyanotype method. Objects are placed directly on or in front of the paper, coated with a photo-sensitive solution. The imprint they give off is a graphic reduction of their form and position, as distant or overlapping objects appear blurred to obscure. Due to the different textures and positions, the visible elements create a gentle spatiality between them, and open up space for symbolic interpretation.

Examining the relations between the cyanotype field and the objects that cast a shadow on it, these works shine a light on the means of representation and symbolism. How objects transition into shapes, how those drawings are read as
symbols that represent gestures, and how this constellation is linked to our identification with things.

Beyond their specific character, the reproduced motifs speak of the abundance of things, tools, toys, trays and trash as part of our daily lifes. The featured objects essentially belong to a pool, a set of items which can be found at any specific place, such as the studio, the kitchen, a street or a district.