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Why does something push somewhere, why does it float, whirl, slide, burst or fall? Where does it come from, who is its thrower and why? What does it want, does it wander about? Causes remain latent, intentions only indicated, uncovered by the screen. Things hang in the sky much in the same way that bricks don´t, as they have a trajectory to fulfill. The path of production and consumption lying behind them is at the same time the story of things to come.

Gestures in Space, Trajectories in Mind is a photographic journey into capturing kinetic and ephemeral momentum.
Facing vast areas and static structures in the background, the proposition of the active things remain ambiguous, its vector has to be completed by thought. The casually, tragic, symbolic or revolutionary
element of action serves as a starting point for the emergence of gesture itself.


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Gestures in Space, Trajectories in Mind
Series of photographs
Print on paper
60 x 90 cm