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Rafael Lippuner (MA)

Born 7.7.1985 in Zofingen, Switzerland. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.


Rafael´s work originates in the constellation and automatism of the everyday. Transitory situations highlight the potential of failing, or an instable certainty that is meant to guide us, much the same way as our perception is tied to our understanding.

In his installations and objects, modification, disguise and assimilation are used to perform an artistic investigation into the relations between people and their worlds.

Media include installation, intervention/public space, objects, video, photography, cyanotype, collage and exhibition display.

Exhibitions and projects

AUSWAHL Jahresausstellung mit Förderauszeichnung Aargauer Kuratorium, Kunsthaus Aarau, 2022  PARALLEL, projects, Vienna Art Fair, Semmelweisklinik 2022  /  HOUSE OF LOSING CONTROL, Vienna Art Week, Nordbahnareal, Vienna /A 2021  POS. 48°11’40.88″N 16°21’37.30″E, group show cur. by Andreas Perkmann Berger, KR SUPER, Vienna /A 2021  /  VIDEOPARK, screening at festival, Gallery Reflektor, Užice /SRB 2021  THE APOCALYPSE OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT, group exhibition, cur. by Mălina Ionescu, Denise Parizek & Mirela Vlăduți, META spatiu, Timișoara /RO 2021  /  (YOU) MADE MY DAY, duo-show with D. Schellmann, 12-14 contemporary, Vienna /A 2021  /  EGY ALGORITMUS MAGÁNYA, curated exhibiton by NDK, Tatabánya /H 2021  /  CORONA.BEDINGT, virtual gallery show by i-AKW, Vienna /A 2021  /  I AM FOUND WANTING, group exhibition, Kunstwerkstatt Tulln /A 2021  /  TURNING TURTLE, solo exhibition, Stiege 13, Vienna /A 2020  /  JUNGKUNST, curated art festival and fair, Halle 53 Winterthur /CH 2020  /  Artist in Residence at Schaumbad Atelierhaus, Graz /A 2020  /  VIDEO OF THE MONTH April, selected by das weisse haus, Vienna /A 2020  /  EDITIONALE KÖLN, international book fair, VZA7, Vienna /A 2020  /  BARRIKADE GEGEN DAS DINGFESTE: TRANSFORMATIVE KUNST, public lecture at Quings Open Network Academy, Emmenbrücke-Lucerne /CH 2020  /  TRANSIT #8, cur. by Tsai-Ju Wu, with Kai Trausenegger, Paulusplatz, Vienna /A 2020  /  LATENT COMMONS, group exhibition, u10 contemporary art space, Belgrade /SRB, 2019  /  MEET THE UNIVERSE, exhibition cur. by Quántico / Daniela Brill Estrade, Aula der Wissenschaften, Vienna/A, 2019  /  LIE TO ME, group exhibition, co-op. project with Sarah Glück, Improper Walls, Vienna /A, 2019  /  ART QUAKE, summer residency, Svetlana Volic, pres. at Galerija Solidarnosti, Kotor /MNE, 2019  /  BOXELS , group exhibition held by art & science and alumni of University of applied arts, presented at "Biennale Sessions" at La Biennale di Venezia /I, 2019  /  C.A.T.S – A GUIDEBOOK TO LIFE ELSEWHERE, contribution, print-book, Angewandte press, Vienna /A, 2019  /  APPLIED MICROPERFORMATIVITY, Symposium: The flourrish, intervention, A.I.L. Vienna /A, 2018  /  THE LANDING IS ON FRIDAY, installation at essence festival, happening with art & science class in Transcarpathia /UKR, 2018  /  JENNY Magazin fuer Sprachkunst, Issue 18, aphorisms, de Gruyter, Vienna /A, 2018  /  AKA: Angewandte Kunst Audio, group installation, Angewandte Aula, Vienna /A, 2018  /  SÓCIO TEMPORÁRIO, assimilative exhibition project, Galeria do Banco, Lisboa /P, 2017  /  ÄSTHETIK DER VERÄNDERUNG, anniversary exhibition of Angewandte, MAK Vienna /A, 2017  /  NEOSCOPE, group exhibition, curated by Claudia Waldner, Kunsthaus Zofingen /CH, 2017  /  DIVA DAYS, group exhibition, curated by Christian Kobald, Gärtnergasse, Vienna /A, 2017  /  ISOLATION IS EVERYTHING, intervention / exhibition, Kulturcafé Obristhof, Oftringen /CH, 2016  /  Leben-TOT, group exhibition cur. by Valentin Beck, Teiggi, Kriens /CH, 2016  /  RÖSSLIGASSE, group exhibition, cur. by Christina Frey, Erfrischungsraum, Lucerne /CH, 2016  / HALLO? zine issue #3: Borders, contribution, Lucerne and Zürich /CH, 2016  /  ÜBERsCHREITEN, group exhibition, Ruelle Contemporary Art Space, Mainz /DE, 2015  /  Intervention – Young Artists on Campus, co-op with Christian Fischer, Univ. St. Gallen /CH, 2015  /  GLAUBENSBEKENNTNISSE, group exhibition cur. by Daniela P. Meier, Himmelrich Lucerne /CH, 2015  /  SYNTAX, co-op. exhibition with Roman Sonderegger, tat-ort & KunstHoch Lucerne /CH, 2015  /  JKON Junge Kunst Olten, curated group exhibition, Schützenmatte, Olten /CH, 2015  /  À LA TABLE, event-based exhibition, organisation & participation, Teiggi Kriens /CH, 2015  /  Jurassic Lab 5, festival for new media, communication & organisation, ParTerre, Lucerne /CH, 2014  /  _957  Die Künstlerhefte: Grey issue, double-contribution, ed. Stephan Wittmer, Lucerne /CH, 2014  /  F-I-N magazine, visual contribution, Berne /CH, 2014  /  ZUSAMMEN ZUSAMMEN BINDEN, workshop with Daniela P. Meier, HSLU Lucerne /CH, 2014  /  MUSEUM1 by Stephan Wittmer, inaugural project group, M1 Adligenswil /CH, 2014  /  PAINtHINGS, curated group exhibition org. by Charles Moser, Paraplegikerzentrum GZI, Nottwil /CH, 2013  /  AUFRÄUMEN 13, curation of inaugural group exhibition at tat-ort Zwischennutzung, Lucerne /CH, 2013  /  FORMS THAT RATHER EXIST, solo exhibition, e|g, Kunstraum Aarau /CH, 2013  /  ACT Performance Festival, Dampfzentrale, Berne /CH, 2013  /  KOLLEKTIV BRUN & BRUN, intervention series with Valentin Beck, 4x4 space, Lucerne /CH, 2013  /  HELLO MAX, group exhibition cur. Stefan Athanas, Kunstraum Aarau /CH, 2012

Residencies and accolades

Funding contribution/stipend by Aargauer Kuratorium, for untitled (bin) at AUSWAHL 22, Kunsthaus Aarau

Project grant, video documentation chairs/beartale, Stadt Wien, Abt. MA7, 2022

Work grant, Stadt Wien, Abt. MA7, 2020

Residency at Schaumbad, exchange with Alexandra Gschiel and Markus Wilfling, Graz / Austria, 2020

Art Quake: Performing the city, Summer residency with Svetlana Volic from, guided tour and presentation in Galerija Solidarnosti, Kotor / MNE, 2019

Sócio Temporário, Residency with assimilative exhibition, cur. by André Lanca & Daniel Peres, Galeria do Banco, Lisboa / P, 2017

Travelling grant, artistic professionalisation, invited by Tatjana Marusic, Prof. C.Moser, HSLU Design & Kunst, Berlin / D and Rotterdam / NL, 2014

Exhibition design

Curation and organisation, setup and transport, installation and exposition, maintenance of electronic devices (dipl.), video a./o. photographic documentation

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Master of Arts in art & science, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Graduation with commendation, student assistant of class throughout

Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich


Bachelor of Arts in Kunst & Vermittlung, HSLU Design & Kunst, Lucerne

Mixed Media class with Prof. Charles Moser, Karin Fromherz, Christina Frey


Upper vocational school in major design, AGS / SfG, Basel-Stadt

Graduation with commendation (2. Rang Kantonal)


Professional honour in electronic engineering, Dipl. Ing. Fust, Zürich
Internship as event- and sound-engineer, K.i.F.F. Aarau

followed by freelance work as sound engineer

Jorge Torres / Marc Frey

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