Rafael Lippuner

Born 7. 7. 1985, lives and works in Zofingen/CH and Vienna/A

Rafael´s work is a journey into the nature of the object and the stabilities holding it together. A reoccurring source of inspiration is the relation between the people and their artifacts, their structures. From production to consumption, from perception to expectation – it is a tale of function turning into desire, of inner and outer worlds shaping that which is (im-)possible. His affection for the abundance of «things» manifests itself in playful settings and sculptures, characterised by a dialectic use of media and relational aspects, while rather performative approaches are prominent in video works and happenings in the public space.
Selection of exhibitions and projects


TURNING TURTLE, exhibition, Stiege 13, Vienna

Artist Resideny at Schaumbad Freies Atelierhaus, Graz
VIDEO OF THE MONTH – April, selected by Das Weisse Haus, Vienna

14. JUNGKUNST, curated art festival / fair, Halle 53 Winterthur

EDITIONALE KÖLN, international book fair, VZA7, Vienna

BARRIKADE GEGEN DAS DINGFESTE | TRANSFORMATIVES IN DER KUNST, lecture at Quings Open Network Academy, Emmenbrücke-Lucerne
TRANSIT #8, curated by Tsai-Ju Wu, exhibition with Kai Trausenegger, Paulusplatz, Vienna



MEET THE UNIVERSE, group exhibition curated by Quántico, Aula der Wissenschaften, Vienna

​LIE TO ME, group exhibition, co-operation project with Sarah Glück, Improper Walls, Vienna

ART QUAKE, summer school / Residency with Svetlana Volic. pres. at Galerija Solidarnosti, Kotor

LATENT COMMONS, group exhibition, u10 art space, Belgrade

C.A.T.S — A GUIDE TO LIFE ELSEWHERE, contribution, print-book, Angewandte press, Vienna

BOXELS , group exhibition, held by students & alumni of University of Applied Arts, presented at "Biennale Sessions" at La Biennale di Venezia


APPLIED MICROPERFORMATIVITY, symposium: The flourrish, group intervention, A.I.L. Vienna

THE LANDING IS ON FRIDAY, happening in Transcarpathia / UA. Presented at essence, Vienna

JENNY Magazin fuer Sprachkunst – Issue 18, aphorisms, de Gruyter, Vienna

AKA: Angewandte Kunst Audio, group installation, Angewandte Aula, Vienna


SÓCIO TEMPORÁRIO, assimilative exhibition project, Galeria do Banco, Lisboa

ÄSTHETIK DER VERÄNDERUNG, anniversary exhibition 150 yrs. Angewandte, MAK Vienna

NEOSCOPE I, group exhibition, curated by Claudia Waldner, Kunsthaus Zofingen
DIVA DAYS, group exhibition, curated by Christian Kobald, Gärtnergasse, Vienna

CIRCUIT TRAINING, project exhibition, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna


ISOLATION IS EVERYTHING, exhibition, Kulturcafé Obristhof, Oftringen

Leben-TOT, group exhibition, by Valentin Beck, Teiggi, Kriens

RÖSSLIGASSE, group exhibition, cur. by Christina Frey, Erfrischungsraum, Lucerne

HALLO? zine issue #3 – Borders, contribution, Lucerne / Zürich


ÜBERsCHREITEN, group exhibition, Ruelle Contemporary Art Space, Mainz

Intervention – Young Artists on Campus, co-op with Christian Fischer, HSG – Uni St. Gallen

GLAUBENSBEKENNTNISSE, group exhibition org. by Daniela Meier, Himmelrich, Lucerne

SYNTAX, duo-exhibition with Roman Sonderegger, tat-ort & KunstHoch Lucerne

JKON Junge Kunst Olten, curated group exhibition, Schützenmatte, Olten

à la table, participation & organisation in event-based exhibition, Teiggi, Kriens


Jurassic Lab 5, festival for electronic media, communication & organisation, ParTerre, Lucerne

STUDENTENFUTTER, mediation class, guided tour Candida Höfer exhibition, Kunstmuseum Lucerne

_957  Die Künstlerhefte – Grey issue, double-contribution, ed. Stephan Wittmer, Lucerne

F-I-N magazine, visual contribution, Berne

ZUSAMMEN ZUSAMMEN BINDEN, workshop with Daniela Meier, HSLU Lucerne

MUSEUM1 by Stephan Wittmer, inaugural mediation group, Adligenswil


PAINtHINGS, curated group exhibition, Paraplegikerzentrum GZI, Nottwil

AUFRÄUMEN´ 13, curation & participation in group exhibition, tat-ort, Lucerne

FORMS THAT RATHER EXIST, solo exhibition, e|g, Kunstraum Aarau

ACT, performance festival, Dampfzentrale, Berne

KOLLEKTIV BRUN & BRUN, intervention with Valentin Beck et al, 4x4 space, Lucerne


HELLO MAX, group exhibition, Kunstraum, Aarau

United Laptop Orchestra contribution, audiovisual performance at solo show by Stefan Athanas, Hächlerhaus Lenzburg




Master of Arts in art & science, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Graduation with commendation
Student assistant throughout

Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich & Sen. Lect. Dr. Bernd Kräftner


Bachelor of Arts in Kunst & Vermittlung, HSLU Design & Kunst, Lucerne

Mixed Media class, Prof. Charles Moser / Christina Frey


Upper vocational school in major design, AGS / SfG, Basel-Stadt

Graduation with commendation (2. Rang Kantonal)